About Us

About Us

The Financial Information Desk (FID) is an independent, confidential service funded by National Seniors that aims to improve the investment information available to older Australians.

Gathering knowledge to make an informed investment decision can be difficult. Relevant information is not always readily available, nor at a reasonable cost. Keeping up to date can be arduous as the investment industry is constantly changing and evolving. Changes not only occur to investment products but also to legislation, including Government Income Support (GIS), taxation laws and guidelines.

FID's role is to arm people with up-to-date independent information that will assist them in making those big decisions prior to and in retirement. The FID provides financial information only. It does not give or imply investment advice; recommend financial products or planners; or undertake advocacy or complex casework. Nor does it receive commissions, bonuses or third party payments. To read more about National Seniors, click here.


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Our Services

Telephone Information Line

The FID operates a national ‘local call’ telephone information service which is available between 9am and 5pm AEDT, Monday to Friday. The service is available to National Seniors members needing information on investment products, to discuss their financial situation or to obtain details on where to find further assistance. The number to call is 1300 020 110 or email fid@nationalseniors.com.au

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- Explain how investment products and strategies work
- Explain risks associated with investments and strategies
- Tax implications of investments and strategies
- How investments and strategies impact on Government Income Support – Pensions and Allowances
- How to prepare to seek Financial Advice
- Explaining the Financial Planning Process
- How to do your own plan if you want to
- Explain and discuss superannuation in accumulation phase & payment phase
- Discuss and explain accessing equity from your home
- Discuss and explain the financial implications when entering Residential Aged Care (including costs and calculations)
- Pension rates, Means Tests, Estimation of possible pension eligibility.
- Concession Cards, including: Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, Low Income Health Care Card, Pension Concession Card, State Seniors Card
- Publish a wide range of factsheets in simple unambiguous language, which can be accessed from this website.  



Whether it is to simply understand superannuation itself or if wanting the finer details such contribution limits, taxation and government income support treatment, we have a range of leaflets and fact sheets specific to superannuation and income streams.


There are many types of investments available and the characteristics, features, benefits and potential pitfalls vary for each. We seek to assist consumers understand product types when considering investments.


We have information that helps to explain the financial planning process, elements of risk, investing with safety, budgeting and estate planning issues.



The options for accessing the equity in your home have broadened in recent times. We have information available to consumers seeking help in understanding the range of equity release products, who the providers are and issues associated when accessing the equity in the home.


Moving into residential aged care can be an emotional and stressful time. Understanding the costs involved can also be confusing. Our information officers can assist with understanding the costs, the process involved and possible options available. Click here to read more.

Our Objectives

  • To provide an accessible, independent and trustworthy source of information for older Australians - particularly those with modest means.
  • To promote industry and community awareness of consumer investment issues - particularly amongst older Australians.
  • To promote industry understanding of consumer investment issues and to contribute to the raising of industry standards.
  • To examine any unfairness in the market between consumers and providers of investment services and to provide information to consumers on dispute resolution processes.
  • To represent the views of consumers on investment issues to industry and government organisations.
  • To research and publish items on consumer issues relevant to the financial welfare of older Australians.
  • To liaise with relevant consumer, community, academic and industry groups, as well as government organisations, to further these objectives.

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